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Rail Way from China to Europe

If you find yourself in need of transporting cargo faster than ocean freight but with costs considerably lower than air freight, then China’s rail freight service presents an optimal solution.

Key Rail Links and Routes

Two primary rail links connect China to Europe. The first route commences in the north of China, intertwining with the renowned Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia. The second route heads west through Kazakhstan, eventually converging with the Trans-Siberian Railway in Yekaterinburg, a pivotal junction for rail freight in the Western region. These routes are not only efficient but also cater to the logistics needs of oversized objects, often referred to as Project Cargo.

Notable Examples of Transit Times

China – Warsaw (Poland): Approximately 12 days

China – Hamburg (Germany): Around 14 days

China – London (United Kingdom): Estimated at 16 to 18 days

Advantages of Rail Freight

Rail freight offers main advantages that make it an increasingly attractive choice for businesses:


Cutting Time and Costs

The cost of rail freight from/to China is potentially 50% cheaper than air cargo for equivalent trips. Moreover, the transit time is 45% to 50% shorter compared to traditional sea freight transport.

Streamlined Customs Processes

Customs declaration and inspection processes are significantly expedited in comparison to air or sea freight. Our comprehensive customs services operate 24/7 and are managed by our dedicated team based in China.

Flexible and Multiple Services

Rail freight accommodates a diverse range of goods for transportation. The services offered include door-to-door deliveries, Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) options, and the shipment of both classic and dangerous goods.Delivery to the farthest region up to 7 days.

In conclusion, the China to Europe rail freight service not only ensures timely and cost-effective cargo transportation but also provides flexibility and efficiency in customs processes. As the demand for swift and economical logistics solutions rises, rail freight stands out as a compelling choice for businesses engaged in international trade.