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M9 Logistics Dubai: Certified Dangerous Goods transporter

We are approved by GCAA as per the current Civil Aviation Regulations, Part IV.

M9 Logistics Dubai has obtained an official certificate for transporting hazardous goods, which confirms our high expertise in transportation and logistics services. We have been assessed by the General Civil Aviation Authority of Dubai.

Our office, strategically located in Dubai Airport Free Zone near Dubai International Airport (DXB), now offers a comprehensive range of services for transporting hazardous cargo. The certification covers various categories of IMO Classes (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code), including:

Class 2

This classification comprises compressed, liquefied by cooling, or dissolved under pressure gases

Class 3

Flammable liquids, containing solid substances in suspension or solution, emitting flammable vapors. The flashpoint in a closed crucible is 60°C or below

Class 4

Flammable solids and materials (excl. explosives) capable of igniting during transportation due to external sources from moisture absorption, friction, chemical changes, heating

Class 5

Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides capable of easily releasing oxygen and sustaining combustion. May cause explosions and ignition under specific conditions or when mixed with other substances

Class 6

This class includes infectious and toxic substances that, upon ingestion or contact with skin and mucous membranes, can cause poisoning or diseases leading to death

Class 8

Caustic and corrosive substances capable of causing damage to the skin, mucous membranes, and respiratory tract. They may also induce corrosion of metals, damage to products, vehicles, equipment, and structures

Class 9

These substances pose relatively low hazards during transportation, not falling into any of the preceding classes but requiring compliance with special rules for storage and transportation

M9 Logistics Dubai is prepared to handle hazardous/dangerous goods independently by air transporting. Trust us for the safe and efficient delivery of your cargo to any destination worldwide:

  • M9 Logistics provides flexible and reliable multimodal delivery options across air, sea and land, ensuring the comfortable delivery of dangerous goods anywhere in the world.
  • Our global network of logistics partners allows us to offer competitive rates, creating favourable conditions for our customers.

Note please! Electronic devices with integrated lithium-ion batteries are also covered by this certificate.

Our Certifcate

We are very pleased to organise for you the air delivery of dangerous goods anywhere in the world from UAE!

Contact Us

Telephone: +971508773013
Location: Dubai Airport Freezone Building 6EA, Office 629 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. View on the maps.