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Sea freight from Georgia with a Trustable freight forwarder

At M9 Logistics, our commitment echoes through the vibrant landscapes of Georgian seaports—Poti and Batumi. We operate as a seamless thread, weaving connections through our representative branches and global associates. Navigating the intricate tapestry of maritime transport, from loading and unloading to customs clearance and distribution, M9 Logistics stands as your trusted partner.

In our pursuit of excellence, we craft tailored solutions for destinations worldwide, providing unwavering control at every turn. With a fleet of contracted ocean freight services, we empower you to ship large orders with cost-effectiveness, ensuring visibility and sidestepping delays and demurrage charges.

Embarking on the waves of innovation, M9 Logistics proudly presents three distinctive forms of sea carriage

Container Carriage

  • Impeccable cargo delivery through various liner containers
  • Strategic planning of multimodal transportation
  • Precise pre and on-carriage for sea freight
  • Warehouse services tailored to your needs
  • Stevedoring excellence and transit cargo handling in Black Sea ports
  • Continuous vigilance over cargo movement and timely information updates
  • Comprehensive surveillance
  • Streamlined customs clearance formalities

Bulk Carriage

  • Secure booking of Break Bulk (BB) and charter vessels
  • Direct operations unfolding in Georgian seaports: Poti and Batumi
  • Stevedoring finesse
  • Port dispatch, featuring expert cargo examinations, storage, and terminalling
  • Swift execution of customs clearance formalities
  • Efficient pre and on-carriage services
  • Ro-Ro Carriage (Ferry Carriage):

Swift and reliable transportation of ro-ro, general, project, oversized, and off-gauge cargoes, including containers
Long-standing partnerships with premier ferry lines in the Black and Caspian Seas
Ferry carriage connecting Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine to/from Georgia
Ferry routes between Azerbaijan to/from Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan
Our ferry carriage services encompass meticulous forwarding and formality handling, ensuring a seamless and secure transportation experience.

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Managing Director: Sergey Sarkisyan

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