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Shipping the Biologically active additives from Nashville, USA

At M9 Logistics Family Network, we work on regular daily shipments, where we are no strangers to unexpected and urgent situations that present the most exciting challenges.  One of our new customers, a beauty company based in the US, sent an urgent request to ship 12,000 kgs. Biologically active additives from Nashville USA to Turkey. Freight had to be pre-screened and delivered to Turkish. On the way, from the customer’s warehouse, the truck had a water coolant leak on Saturday which delayed our originally planned delivery to our warehouse on Saturday afternoon.  This was indeed challenging due to the chain reaction a delay can cause, such as flight delay, our team focused on the task.

Our New York team coordinated with the trucker on finding repair services on the way to New York, and was able to get the truck fixed, delivered to our facility, screened, and then delivered to the airline in time.


Thanks to our New York team! We are proud of your professionalism and perfect customer service.