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Yacht Furniture Consolidation Project in Turkey

We’re excited to share our latest one-of-a-kind project completed by the M9 Logistics team in Turkey. A client reached out to us for help in putting together furniture and chandeliers to kit out a brand-new yacht in Turkey. These interior pieces were sourced from different countries, specifically England, the USA, and Colombia, all tailored to match the yacht’s design concept. Our job was to gather everything up in Istanbul and store them in a customs warehouse until the yacht made its way to a Turkish port. Once the yacht docked at the Turkish port, we had to get the interior items on board during a very specific arrival window.

Our team pulled off the delivery to Turkey, handled customs procedures, and stored the furniture from various corners of the globe right here in Istanbul.

We coordinated the subsequent delivery to the yacht at the Gocek port. The furniture came from warehouses in the USA and England, and there was supposed to be a shipment from Colombia as well. However, just when we thought everything was set, we found out that the Colombian shipment wasn’t ready to go on time. This shipment included all the tables needed for the yacht’s setup. In a race against time, our team swung into action and managed to buy the missing interior pieces in Turkey, in the city of Bursa. We also took care of customs clearance for the furniture, so we could get it on board the yacht, and we ensured it reached the Gocek port in just 2 days.

When the yacht finally rolled into the Gocek port, in the Fethiye region, our team was already there, waiting with a fully covered truck carrying all the purchased furniture and chandeliers. This truck had covered an impressive 775 km, all the way from Istanbul to Fethiye. Since the yacht arrived on a Saturday, which isn’t a working day for customs in Turkey, we set up a mobile customs point right at the marina dock. We closed the transit process right there at the yacht’s side. All the customs procedures went smoothly, and we quickly got everything loaded onto the yacht.

It’s worth noting that upon arrival in Turkey, all the imported goods were processed through the customs warehouse arrangement and then handled under the transit regime. This smart decision not only sped up the transportation process but also saved our client from having to pay customs duties and VAT.

If you’re in need of outfitting a vessel in Turkey with items brought in from overseas, including equipment, tools, and spare parts from anywhere across the globe, we’re more than prepared to take on the entire project and handle all the details for you.

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