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There are many considerations for international businesses that plan to sell and deliver their goods in the Latin American region.

Navigating the complex regulations and customs framework is one of them. Our experts will take care of the customs procedure so that our customers do not need to worry about it. We are providing a regular sea freight service for imports into Latin America (EXW) and exports out of Latin America (FOB). M9Logistics operates in Argentina (Buenos Aires), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Santos, Paranagua), and Colombia.

Shipping from Latin America to/from Europe

We are used to ship any type of agricultural, mining, and raw materials and we are ready to work with any industry. Depending on your international shipping needs we will find the solution. Our managers are fluent in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese languages for your convenience. We can ensure a smooth and swift clearing dispatch and transport at destinations given our close cooperation with reputable partners.

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