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Procedures to follow before sending cosmetics

Learn about the norms and regulations of the destination country.

Before shipping your first package, make sure you are familiar with the norms and regulations of the target country. Otherwise, you might face additional licensing fees, customer delays, or having your products returned at the border. For example, if you are exporting from Singapore to Malaysia, the shipper must be a Cosmetic Notification Holder (CNH) as well as having a Malaysian registered firm.

Discover how to package cosmetics.

Incorrect packing may spell catastrophe and jeopardise product quality, resulting in damaged items. As a result, you must: Examine the packaging box’s strength and durability.

  • Use suitable packing materials, such as bubble wrap, corrugated inserts, or crumpled paper, and layer the products three to four times.
  • Choose pressure-sensitive adhesives to provide further protection against humidity and other elements.
  • Pack fragrances and sprays securely within leak-proof packaging and store them upright.
  • To prevent the contents from clashing during travel, make sure there is no space within the container.
  • Cushion the vacant areas using materials such as foam peanuts, foam wraps, and bubble wraps.
  • Seal all of the edges and any residual seams with an H-tape.
  • To indicate how to handle the package, use arrows.
  • Label the Dangerous Goods classifications and related threats with unambiguous labels. This is because risky substances are prone to volatility and can be damaging if handled incorrectly.
  • Furthermore, exporting dangerous items overseas comes with its own set of procedures, such as adhering to customs procedures and limits. As a result, many cosmetics, nail paints, and fragrances are deemed dangerous and so classed as Flammable Liquids.

 Determine which papers are necessary for shipping.

Each shipment must include a hazardous goods declaration on the AWB and a shipping invoice that describes the DG commodity in detail.

 Keep track of your shipment.

You can remain up to date on the progress of your shipment with your manager M9 logistics tracking from the time it is turned over to us until it is signed for by your receiver.


So, if you’re about to ship cosmetics products, follow this recommendation for faster deliveries. And if you would like to have further information about cosmetics shipping, please, contact M9 Logistics customer support representatives.