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The Main Sea Ports of the World

Today, the countries with the finest marine connections dominate the list of the world’s best ports. More than 90% of commodities are moved by water, and as a result, governments and commercial firms are continually investing in strengthening the infrastructure of their port facilities.

Our M9 Logistics Family Network has offices in key strategic locations in China including  Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong, also in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Grimsby (UK). We provide optimum, timely, and secure services to all industries and productive sectors. Furthermore, because we operate with the world’s largest shipping firms, we have a worldwide reach and direct contact with the world’s greatest ports.

Top ten most important ports

  • 1st. Shanghai (China). It leads the globe in container throughput and has established itself as the top port in the world in terms of both marine connection and facility automation.
  • 2nd. Singapore (Singapore). It is the world’s second busiest port, connecting to almost 600 ports in 123 countries.
  • 3rd. Ningbo-Zhousan (China).  It has container terminals but has made a name for itself as a significant port for gasoline storage, distribution, and transhipment.
  •  4th. Shenzhen (China). Shenzhen’s port has 140 anchorages, including 51 for vessels of 11,000 deadweight tonnes (DWT) or greater.
  • 5th. Guangzhou (China). It is one of the most prominent activity centres in southern China. It historically served as an important silk road pier and has wide links to European ports.
  • 6th. Qingdao (China). The port is located on the so-called New Silk Road, and it was built entirely by two large port operators. It is a completely automated port.
  • 7th. Busan (South Korea). This year, the port of Busan has witnessed the highest rise in traffic as a result of the recent restrictions of various Chinese ports owing to COVID-19 outbreaks.
  • 8th. Tianjin (China).  This port is the largest in northern China, as well as the major entry to Beijing, the Asian giant’s largest province.
  • 9th. Hong Kong (China). We are beginning to see the first hints of innovation that will set this centre apart in the country, thanks to the government’s open-minded attitude to infrastructure management.
  • 10th. Rotterdam (Netherlands). It is the only European port on the global list. It is a key hub and a gateway for products to the European continent on major global marine routes, and it moved 3,709,000 TEUs in 2021.

A broad x-ray of the major port infrastructures that host the stopover of huge transoceanic ships, encompassing the major maritime routes led by the most prominent shipping corporations. M9 Logistics is aware of this background and is continuously researching the optimal routes in terms of efficiency and speed when constructing any marine transport operation.