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How to Ship Frozen Food – Ireland, Europe, UK and more

As you all know, logistics is the backbone of any industry, and success cannot be achieved without it. You may have the very best product in the market, but none of it matters if your goods spoil before their destination, such as an island sending its tropical fruit to mainland Europe. There are intricate decisions made on what transports to use and what to set the parameters for optimal perseverance in these tasks. Allow us to shed a light on this by analysing the case of our M9 Logistics Family Member A&D Freight.

Let’s say we have a shipping order for refrigerated goods going from the Netherlands to Ireland, it’s very important to discuss the details with the customer on temperature and transportation method. Then plan ahead with the aid of modern software in order to establish all legal requirements and routing, in addition to contingency plans in place. This is a key point of all deliveries. In accordance with all the client’s wishes, goods will go to the Rotterdam seaport, where the cargo container will be loaded onto the vessel and delivered to the Dublin Seaport, from where the cargo would be offloaded and delivered directly to the store or warehouse.

First and foremost our agents will be handling the legal side of our cargo, such as customs declaration forms, taxes, and any other requirements needed for the full compliance of the cargo on all shipping lanes and transfers.

Sometimes the situation can be fluid such as pandemics and conflicts, which is why we pride ourselves on working together with a highly experienced team that has full power to take the initiative and make sure your goods get to their destination safely and on time. In most cases, we have plenty of time to adjust and adapt to changing regulations such as the UK’s departure from the EU.

A&D’s core principle is to be clear on all the conditions and requests of customers’ deliveries. A&D Freight cooperates with many EU member states, such as our recent agreement with Moldova.

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