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We are proud to announce that our USA branch has achieved CTPAT certification, positioning us as leaders in supply chain security. This important milestone offers significant benefits that we are eager to share with you, our valued customers.


🔹 Enhanced Efficiency: Our CTPAT status means fewer U.S. Customs inspections, leading to faster delivery times. Reduced inspections also result in lower fees, decreasing the overall cost of logistics.

🔹 Priority Treatment: Should your shipment be selected for inspection, it will receive expedited processing, ensuring minimal delay. In the event of a national emergency, our shipments receive priority access into the U.S., ensuring your business continues smoothly.

🔹 Secure and Speedy Border Crossings: Thanks to access to FAST lanes, our shipments across U.S.-Canada and U.S.-Mexico borders move quicker and more securely.

This certification not only improves our operations but also enhances yours by ensuring that your goods move faster and more reliably, which positively impacts your bottom line and market speed.
Let’s explore how our enhanced capabilities can support your business needs.

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