At M9 Logistics Family Network we handle cargo transportation by sea and by river and provide a wide list of services:

  • multimodal freight for transit, import or export shipments;
  • port handling of shipments;
  • port forwarding with following issuance of the required cargo documents meeting the international requirements (Bills of Lading, Forwarder's certificates of receipt, waybills);
  • cargo transportation in freight containers, in break-bulk, and in Roll-on /Roll-off (RORO) as well;
  • various kinds of containers for cargo shipment, such as: 20'DC, 40'DC, 40'HC, 45'HC, 20' Open Top, 40' Open Top, 20'Flat Rack, 40' Flat Rack, 40' High Cube Reefers, 20' Tank Containers etc.;
  • handling transportation for project cargo and OGC (off-gauge cargo);
  • chartering of vessels (for heavy-lift cargo, RORO);
  • customs clearance;
  • transit handling and further carriage to terminal points or final destination by truck, rail or air transportation;
  • handling of perishable cargoes and cargoes requiring special arrangements for transportation and storage.

We also deal with cargo insurance, surveillance, weighing, purchasing of containers, cargo consolidation and etc.

M9 Logistics Family Network strong points

  • With full range of services provided we accompany Clients’ cargoes from initial pick-up point to the final destination, secure and safe.
  • We also can offer best rates due to direct contracts with logistics and other relevant companies.
  • We regularly inform our Clients on their deliveries and provide access to the Monitoring Service through which they can track cargo movement and learn other necessary information.

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