M9 Logistics Family Network provides high quality services on international and domestic road carriage LTL and FTL due to following factors.

  1. Our Company has long-established cooperation with well-known trucking companies.
  2. We provide such additional services as cargo fastening to the car body, several drivers to avoid delay of urgent deliveries, armed escorts for cargo, insurance.
  3. Customs clearance services can be provided by means of Internet declaration. That helps to save time.
  4. We suggest the optimized route for deliveries.
  5. By means of our Monitoring System clients receive information about the cargo status throughout the delivery chain and have access to all shipping documents.

In contrast to majority of international logistics providers M9 Logistics Family Network always adjust to clients’ demands and requests vigorously.

Our transportation services meet International requirements and rules. We develop personalized schemes of transportation, based on types of cargo and different carriage conditions (mega trailers, refrigerators, tents, thermo vans). We take into account departure and destination points, delivery period, cargo specifications, limits on transportation cost, desired border crossings, condition of transportation routes, possibility of different transportation types, arrangement of goods for different transportation modes, communication with intermediate shipping companies and warehouses, requirements for escorting the cargo on its way and various information.

By personalizing the itinerary and modes of transportation, M9 Logistics Family Network aim to cut down the expenses for shipping, to avoid any delays of goods delivery and to make sure that all processes are done competently and safely.

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