Air Transportation

Our highly reputable air freight services provide worldwide coverage. We promise every customer a strict adherence to deadlines, safety of cargo, and optimisation of time.

With years of experience in air freight logistics, we have undertaken contracts with a wealth of world-renowned airlines across the globe.

Benefits provided to our air freight customers include:

  • No restrictions on volume and dimensions of cargo. If necessary, we organise charter cargo flights.
  • Tailor-made solutions. We consolidate, plan and develop our processes according specifically to client demands.
  • We deal completely with any customs clearance issues encountered on your logistics route.
  • Direct communication with our management team (no call centres).

We are IATA certified and strictly follow flight safety policies.

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Rail Transportation

M9 Logistics Family Network has years of experience in railway transportation. We utilise tried-and-tested technologies and services to offer customers the highest quality level of rail logistics at the best rates.

We always ensure the following requirements are met:

  • Stable transportation of large volumes of goods;
  • Meeting deadlines with minimal deviations from the predetermined schedule;
  • Maintaining the utmost safety of goods whilst in transit;
  • Minimisation of transportation costs.

In addition to the delivery, M9 Logistics takes care of all stages of transportation, including:

  • customs clearance;
  • delivery to the departure station;
  • loading and unloading;
  • labelling and packaging;
  • storage at intermediary stations;
  • cargo monitoring throughout the entire route;
  • security services and warehousing;
  • forwarding of transit, export and import goods.
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Sea Transportation

M9 Family Network excels at handling cargo transportation over water.

Our services include:

  • multimodal freight transport;
  • port handling of shipments;
  • port forwarding with following issues of the required cargo documents to meet international requirements (Bills of Lading, Forwarder’s certificates of receipt, waybills);
  • cargo transportation in freight containers, in break-bulk, and in Roll-on /Roll-off (RORO) as well;
  • various kinds of containers for cargo shipment, such as:
    • 20’DC
    • 40’DC
    • 40’HC
    • 45’HC
    • 20′ Open Top
    • 40′ Open Top
    • 20’Flat Rack
    • 40′ Flat Rack
    • 40′ High Cube Reefers
    • 20′ Tank Containers, etc.;


  • handling transportation for project cargo and OGC (off-gauge cargo);
  • chartering of vessels (for heavy-lift cargo, RORO);
  • customs clearance;
  • transit handling and further carriage to terminal points or final destination by truck, rail or air transportation;
  • handling of perishable cargoes and cargoes requiring special arrangements for transportation and storage.

We also deal with cargo insurance, surveillance, weighing, purchasing of containers and cargo consolidation.

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Oversized Cargo

Oversized cargo refers to heavy-duty, complex, or high-value equipment. The cargo can be picked up from a singular location, or sourced globally – whatever fits your needs.

Transporting oversized cargo over long distances requires the following:

  • ensuring stable flows of large volumes of goods;
  • guaranteeing delivery deadlines are met with minimal deviations from the schedule;
  • ensuring the reliability of delivery and safety of goods while in transit;
  • minimising transportation costs.

In addition to the timely delivery of goods, M9 Logistics takes care of all stages of the transportation process, including:

  • customs clearance;
  • delivery to the departure station;
  • loading and unloading;
  • labelling and packaging;
  • storage at intervening stations;
  • cargo monitoring at any part of the route;
  • security services and warehousing;
  • forwarding of transit, export and import goods.
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International Trucking

Every day M9 Logistics plans and executes road-based logistics projects, utilising a wide variety of road vehicles and technologies.

There are several advantages to road transportation. They can deliver door-to-door with minimal overloads, provide high speed delivery over long distances, are predictable, and have flexible rates. We can use many types of vehicles, with capacity ranging from 2 to 120 cubic meters.

Your benefits include:

  • One-day car provisions;
  • Aid in preparing all shipping documents;
  • Daily reporting on the status of each cargo;
  • Transportation insurance at low rates.

Additional services:

  • Escort vehicles with armed security;
  • Loading and unloading with the assistance of special equipment;
  • Packing and repacking.

By personalising the itinerary and modes of transportation, we aim to cut down expenses for shipping, avoid any delays of goods deliveries and make sure that all processes are done competently and safely.

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Air Charter

With our extensive network of partners around the globe, M9 Logistics organises worldwide air transportation of goods, including charter planes.

We accept the following cargo for air transportation:

  • general cargo;
  • equipment for the oil and gas industry;
  • equipment for the nuclear industry, including dangerous goods;
  • equipment for construction;
  • equipment for the aerospace industry;
  • temperature-sensitive cargo;
  • humanitarian cargo;
  • equipment for heavy engineering;
  • all types of animals;
  • dangerous goods.

Our range of aircraft includes:

  • Antonov-124-100 (“Ruslan”, used to transport large-scale cargo);
  • Il-76;
  • Most of the Boeing family (747, 777, 757, 737);
  • An-12;

Get in touch with us to learn more about our full range.

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E-commerce has expanded over the last decade. With a booming market for online retail, businesses require faster, more efficient order fulfilment systems. To profitably fulfil e-commerce orders it is vital to minimise overheads, maximise time efficiency, and ensure customers are satisfied.

We can provide warehousing services to help you achieve all of your logistics aims. All products are received, stored, packed, tracked, and shipped by our team. Our warehouse management system gives you complete control over movement of goods and storage, in our warehouses and across the supply chain. M9’s order fulfilment services provide product preparation and delivery via warehouse hubs in Belfast, Liverpool, Dublin, and Singapore.

We also provide order replenishment services, with an emphasis on restocking inventory. M9 Logistics guarantees your items are always available when consumers require them. Our e-commerce logistics services are highly recommended for organisations who require someone else to handle their shipping, so they can focus on the business side.

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Customs Clearance

Customs clearance goes hand-in-hand with international business operations and often comes as the final step of the transportation process. It is an obligatory procedure for any goods crossing a border between countries. Apart from the common international customs clearance rules, every country has its own specific requirements.

M9 Logistics Family Network offers a wide range of services that help process goods through customs as quickly as possible.

  • Having worked in customs clearance for many years we have extensive experience and co-operate with customs representatives, allowing us to proceed through clearing procedures without any delays.
  • We are capable of registering all cargo through various customs procedures.
  • We form part of several international customs brokers’ organisations.
  • We work with e-declarations, a new approach to handling customs control;
  • All of our offices use electronic documents which allows customers to access online customs and shipping documentation through our Monitoring Service;
  • We have offices situated in various airports of Europe and Asia. Such proximity to airport clearance makes clearing procedures faster and does not flag up extra expenditures for cargo storage at terminal points;
  • We have agents in different countries across the world who help us to carry out international customs control services;
  • Our employees are certified for performing customs clearance consultation and activities. Every two years they attend career enhancement training and renew their qualifications;
  • Our staff always keeps track of changes in customs regulations and work in close cooperation with customs offices and international airports, to help innovate new methods of customs clearance.
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Event Logistics

We are proud to have a wealth of knowledge and experience in event logistics management. We work on your behalf in partnership with venues and suppliers to ensure your event planning goes as smoothly as possible.

Our services include:

  • Direct delivery to event locations;
  • Unloading cargo and marking boundaries for equipment setup (following assembly instructions);
  • Ensuring minimal waste product during transportation and unloading of cargo – according to cleaning and garbage disposal regulations.

We offer professional assistance to our clients in building relationships with their clients. You can concentrate on strategic growth, whilst we handle the logistics tasks.

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On Board Couriers (OBC)

Do you have a time-sensitive shipment that demands maximum speed and full dependability? We at M9 LOGISTICS go above and beyond to offer you this hand-delivered service.

Whether it’s small technical spare parts, medical samples or confidential documents, our global network of experts provides you with fast, highly secure and reliable transit of goods from door to door.

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