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Export of Liquid Consignments by Sea from China to South Korea

Our client, a streaming company, has been a valued partner for several months. To date, we have successfully shipped 8 containers, with 11 more currently en route. The client has now placed a new request for another shipment.

New Request Details:

  • Container Size: 1 * 20’ft container
  • Shipping Terms: FOB (Free on Board)
  • Origin: Qingdao, China
  • Destination: South Korea
  • Cargo Details:
    • Type: Silicone oil (RJ-201-60000)
    • Hazard Status: Not dangerous
    • Packaging: 18 Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs)
    • Net Weight: 17,100 kgs
  • Preparation Required: Specification, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Our M9 Logistics Team began by receiving the shipping request and confirming all necessary details with the client to ensure accuracy and completeness. Next, we prepared the required shipping documents, including the Specification and MSDS for silicone oil RJ-201-60000, and ensured the HS Code 3910000008 was correctly listed for smooth customs processing. We then booked a 20’ft container for the shipment, adhering to FOB terms, and coordinated with the shipping line for container availability and booking confirmation from Qingdao to South Korea.

In preparation for the cargo, we verified that the 18 IBCs were correctly labeled and met safety standards, ensuring the total net weight of 17,100 kgs was accurately recorded. We coordinated with the freight forwarder for export customs clearance in China, ensuring all documentation was complete and compliant with regulations. During loading, we supervised the silicone oil’s placement into the container and secured it for sea transport to prevent any movement or damage.

Throughout the shipment’s journey, we monitored its progress from Qingdao to South Korea, providing the client with regular updates. Upon arrival, we coordinated with the consignee in South Korea for smooth customs clearance and arranged for the final delivery of the container to the client’s specified location.

The shipment process was executed efficiently and without any complications. The client received their silicone oil on time, and the cargo was in excellent condition. This successful delivery further strengthened our relationship with the client and demonstrated our capability to manage international shipments effectively.