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Successful RORO Transport of 51 Vehicles from China to UAE by M9 Logistics Ningbo

In June 2024, M9 Logistics Ningbo triumphantly completed the Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) transport of 51 Hybrid vehicles from Shanghai, China, to Jebel Ali, UAE.

This operation was initiated by a request from M9 Logistics’ partner network office in Dubai, highlighting the robust collaboration between the two entities. Another batch of 50 vehicles is scheduled for delivery by the end of June 2024, reflecting the sustained demand and dependability of M9 Logistics’ services.

Project Highlights

Port of Loading (POL): Shanghai, China
Port of Discharge (POD): Jebel Ali, UAE
Dimensions: 4595 x 1865 x 1680 mm
Units Transported: 51 cars

Transport Method

The vehicles were transported using the RORO method, ideal for vehicle shipments. This technique involves driving the cars onto the vessel at the origin port and off at the destination, minimizing handling and reducing damage risk.

Execution Details

Preparation and Coordination:

  • Vehicle Preparation: Each car underwent a comprehensive inspection, ensuring compliance with shipping standards, checking fuel levels, securing loose parts, and confirming operational status.
  • Documentation: M9 Logistics Ningbo collaborated with M9 Logistics Dubai to ensure all necessary paperwork, including export licenses, vehicle specifications, and insurance documents, were meticulously prepared and submitted.

Loading in Shanghai:

  • RORO Vessel Selection: The Ningbo team selected a reliable and safe RORO vessel.
  • Loading Process: The 51 cars were systematically driven onto the vessel, ensuring efficient space utilization and secure vehicle placement to prevent movement during transit.

Sea Transport:

  • Route Planning: The route from Shanghai to Jebel Ali was optimized for travel time and cargo safety, with continuous monitoring of weather conditions and potential hazards.
  • Vessel Monitoring: The vessel’s progress was tracked throughout the journey, with regular updates provided to M9 Dubai.

Unloading in Jebel Ali:

  • Arrival Coordination: The local M9 Logistics team coordinated with port authorities for a smooth unloading process.
  • Unloading Process: The cars were carefully driven off the vessel and inspected to ensure they were in the same condition as at loading.

The successful transport of 51 vehicles from China to the UAE underscores the effectiveness of RORO transport in automotive logistics. M9 Logistics Ningbo’s thorough planning, coordination, and execution set a high standard for future shipments. This project exemplifies the importance of meticulous preparation and real-time monitoring in achieving secure and timely deliveries in the logistics industry.