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Railway Shipping of Polyester Resin from China to Georgia

Overview: In May 2024, our logistics company successfully coordinated the shipment of polyester resin big bags from Weihai, China, to Georgia, utilizing railway transport. This case study details the process, services provided, and the logistics involved in ensuring a smooth delivery.

Project Details:

  • Cargo: Polyester Resin palletised
  • Gross Weight: 25.7 tons per container
  • Shipping Route: EXW Weihai – FOR Georgia

Shipment Timeline:

  1. First Container (May 2024):
    • Pick-Up and Local Delivery: The first container was successfully picked up from the supplier in Weihai and transported to the railway station.
    • Freight Transport: The container was shipped via railway to Georgia, where it arrived in May 2024.
  2. Second Container (June 2024):
    • Current Status: The second container is currently loaded and awaiting its scheduled departure in June 2024.

Services Provided:

  • Pick-Up Freight: Collection of the cargo from the supplier’s location in Weihai.
  • Local Delivery: Transportation to the railway station for further shipment.
  • Railway Transport: Efficient and secure transportation via railway from China to Georgia.

During the shipment process, we encountered several challenges that required careful attention and strategic solutions to ensure the successful delivery of polyester resin big bags from Weihai, China, to Georgia.

Customs Clearance: One of the primary challenges was ensuring all documentation and customs requirements were meticulously handled to prevent delays. To address this, we collaborated with customs brokers who had extensive experience in handling HS code 3907999000. Their expertise facilitated smooth clearance procedures, allowing the shipment to progress without unnecessary hold-ups.

Logistical Coordination: Another significant challenge was synchronizing the pick-up, loading, and railway schedules to maintain a seamless flow of operations. This required close communication with all stakeholders involved, including the supplier in Weihai, the railway operators, and the receiving parties in Georgia. By keeping all parties informed and coordinating their activities, we ensured timely pick-up, loading, and departure of the containers.

Weight Management: Managing the gross weight of 25.7 tons per container was crucial to comply with railway and freight regulations. Accurate weighing and packaging at the source were essential to meet these standards. We implemented stringent procedures to ensure that the weight was correctly measured and properly documented, thus avoiding any issues during transport.

The successful delivery of the first container and the scheduled shipment of the second container highlight the efficiency and reliability of railway transport for heavy cargo like polyester resin. Our comprehensive service, from pick-up to local delivery, ensures that clients receive their goods on time and in excellent condition. The coordination of these shipments exemplifies our capability to handle complex logistics operations across international borders.