Great Opportunities for ACEX Members

ACEХ Alliance became a member of the international online platform Container xChange.

Container xChange helps forwarders get access to a 3rd party container equipment in more than 2500 locations. More than 300 companies such as Kuehne+Nagel, Seaco or Sarjak use our neutral online platform to gain market transparency, avoid demurrage & detention charges and increase their flexibility. Covering the entire transaction process from finding new partners to tracking containers and managing payments, Container xChange makes using 3rd party equipment almost as easy as booking a hotel.

Why SOC Containers?
  • More flexibility With SOC Containers freight forwarders choose exactly the container type, quantity and condition they want at any time to increase their flexibility when new customers reach out.
  • Avoid Demurrage & Detention Tremendous per diem charges of up to $400 per day can easily kill your margins. With SOC containers, freight forwarders not only almost completely avoid these charges but also make money when moving equipment for the owner.
  • Especially for the Russian market Most of the time attractive pickup credits for container users ex Russia to Europe. SOCs usually have higher margins, especially on trains and the Belt and Road Initiative

As part of ACEХ and Container xChange cooperation, Alliance members can take advantage of a special offer – get one month of free onboarding as an ACEX member

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