All logistics strategies in fashion industry based on meeting deadlines. Major necessity of every fashion company is to guarantee its consumers availability to new collections in shops, boutiques online and offline in terms of deadlines.

Fashion industry at M9 Logistics Family Network is supported by a highly qualified group of specialists who understand the complexities and specifics of each segment of this environment. The key targets of every project (whether it is premium or market brand) always remain the same: to provide accuracy and flexibility of all logistics processes at competitive prices and to guide fashion products at a high speed to a timely release.

High fashion or fast fashion - M9 Logistics Family Network provide efficient full supply chain, each step of which controlled by the quality department.

Services of M9 Logistics Family Network for fashion industry

  • Distribution (delivery, unloading and shelving)
  • Customs procedures
  • Supplier management and inventory management
  • Reverse logistics
  • Labelling, fitting of anti-theft devices
  • Assembly, individual packaging

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