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Handling High-Risk Chia argo with Precision

At M9 Logistics, we recently undertook a critical assignment involving the transportation of a 1500kg shipment of flammable liquid paint from Hong Kong (HKG) to Shanghai (PVG), classified under DG Flammable Liquid Class 3, with stringent temperature control requirements of -18°C.

Efficient Air Freight Solutions

Our team meticulously orchestrated the entire transportation process, utilizing air freight to ensure swift delivery within just one day.

Specialized Packaging and Temperature Control

Recognizing the sensitive nature of the cargo, we implemented specialized packaging with dry ice to maintain the required temperature throughout transit.

Ground Transportation Safeguards

Additionally, we arranged for a refrigerated truck to further safeguard the shipment’s integrity during ground transportation.

Expertise in Documentation and Customs Clearance

Given the hazardous nature of the cargo, our experts diligently handled all necessary documentation, including obtaining a DGD Certificate, and navigated customs clearance procedures seamlessly.

Overcoming Challenges with Dedication

Despite the inherent challenges associated with transporting dangerous goods under strict temperature controls, our team’s dedication and expertise ensured the successful completion of the operation.

We maintained constant communication with our customer, addressing any concerns promptly, and ultimately received positive feedback for our smooth and efficient handling of the shipment.

This successful execution underscores M9 Logistics’ commitment to delivering exceptional service, even for the most complex and challenging logistics requirements. As a trusted partner in international logistics, we continue to prioritize safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction in every endeavor. Trust M9 Logistics for your specialized cargo needs, and experience the difference firsthand.

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