Want to become an M9 Logistics Family Network member?

Based on our extensive industry experience and long-term cooperation with the most reliable partners from different countries, we created the M9 Logistics Family Network. The Family Network is a free, non-exclusive community of partners, with the common goals of developing a secure logistics environment and generating win-win business.

Why partner with M9 Logistics?

“M9 Logistics creates a quality environment for professional development of our employees, aimed at improvement of quality, efficiency and achieving set goals. We highly value our employees and encourage them to succeed in their work, so that together we can achieve our business goals..”

Alexey MaximchukChairman
Affiliate Program

The M9 Logistics Family Network is open to members who are:

  • Reliable
  • Active
  • Ambitious
  • Interested in generating more business worldwide

Members of the Family Network get access to our exclusive Global Service Program (GSP). Under the GSP, your benefits include:

  • Instant online support from our Family Network support team, keeping you well-connected and supported.
  • Access to view costs and rates of fellow businesses within the Network, letting you plan business transactions months ahead.
  • Fair and transparent quotations based on net-net rates, allowing you to provide customers with some of the best prices on the market
  • Opportunities to work with fellow members in 23 countries through a single GSP contract
  • Option of “single-window” payment service to minimize risks and banking charges
  • Social media marketing for your business on M9 accounts, as well as articles about your business in related websites.

All of these perks come free of charge upon joining the Family Network.

If you would like to join or know more about our terms, please contact Elena Uvarova, Director or Network Development at M9 Logistics: uvarova@m9logistics.com

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